GamingHow to play Fortnite without the Epic Games launcher

How to play Fortnite without the Epic Games launcher


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Fortnite players usually launch the game from the Epic Games launcher and more often than not, the launcher is the cause of multiple problems. With Fortnite being such a popular game, players with all kinds of systems try out the game from time to time. However, the launcher usually causes a few problems on a low-end PC or laptop.
The Epic Games launcher eats away a bit of RAM and CPU usage as the game runs, making the gaming experience choppy. Obviously, no battle royale fan enjoys frame drops during intense fights that can be avoided if the launcher does not run in the background.
Below are a few easy methods to run Fortnite without the Epic Games launcher running in the background.
1) The first way is to go into the core data file where Fortnite is installed and make an application shortcut on the desktop. The pathways for this file is Program FilesEpic GamesFortniteFortniteGameBinariesWin64 or 32.
Players will find a file called ‘FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe’ inside and they will simply have to create a desktop shortcut for the application. Fortnite can now be launched from this application without the Epic Games launcher.
2) Another option is to uninstall the launcher altogether and simply launch Fortnite from the application source. However, this method is a bit problematic as players will not receive any in-game updates without the launcher. Without the necessary updates, the game will become unplayable within weeks.
However, if players have other games from the Epic Games launcher that are not co-op or do not receive regular updates, then uninstalling the launcher certainly makes a lot of sense.
3) The fastest option, however, is to open Fortnite using the Epic Games launcher once and then press the ‘Start’ button. The game will be minimized and players can simply close the Epic Games launcher. Now, simply right click the Fortnite logo on the taskbar and select “Pin to Taskbar.” From that point on, players can simply start the game from the taskbar and there will be no need to ever open the Epic Games launcher again.


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